The Benefits of Carrying a Pocket Knife

I carry a pocket knife—a Spyderco Tenacious, to be specific—with me wherever I go. (I also keep a Leatherman Wave in my bag.) Here are some benefits of always having a pocket knife with you:

  • To open all of those Amazon boxes that show up on your doorstep nearly every day
  • You get to feel just a little bit like your badass Grampa who carried a knife
  • You can pry off a beer bottle cap when you’ve forgotten an opener
  • Though you’ll probably never need to, you feel a little bit better armed against the big bad world
  • To McGuyver your way out of anything
  • Even when you don’t need it as a tool, carrying it is a small reminder that you’re prepared for whatever comes your way

“The Benefits Of” is a fun series pointing out some small and large ways that little things can benefit your life. You can read all of the Benefits Of posts here.

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