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This is an ever evolving repository of reference materials used in my writing on hackmake.org and general documentation of the ways I work. It consists mostly of list-based and outline-style notes. In some cases there will be change logs which note the ways that that particular system or note has changed so I can remember why when I look back later.

I’ve found that life has been moving really quickly by me and I want to consistently be mindful of the ways I work and hope to use these reference materials as a tool to inspect and recall. It’s basically my personal wiki.


“Scaffolding, like in construction, is a superstructure that gives a stable frame to get work done. It’s modular and the pieces are lightweight but when set up properly, create an incredibly stable system that’s adaptable, scaleable, and appropriate for the work that needs to happen.” —From Scaffolding, May 05, 2013


It helps me get through life.

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You can access the raw markdown for each note with the link at the top of each page and view the change log. This reference section is inspired by Sean Korzdorfer’s Open Notebook project.