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Reference » Backup System

To feel confident in my system, I wanted to have the following backups:

These things need to be as automated as possible so that it’s not something I have to think about doing.

For context, my current hardware setup which I’m backing up is a Mac mini, Synology NAS, iPhone, and iPad. (The laptop I use is company-issued and any working files are saved on Dropbox or the file server.)

My goal with this system: at any time, I could either dispose of or have catastrophic failure to any (or many) of my devices or machines and not lose any critical or irreplaceable data. Some systems would take more time to recover (NAS for example, where iPhone could just download backup from iCloud).

Mac mini

Backup Method

Synology NAS

Devices (iPhone/iPad)

Heavy Duty Custom Enclosure


Is all of this overkill? I don’t know, maybe. But it didn’t take that much time to set up and I’ve heard so many horror stories about lost data that I’d rather overdo it than screw it up.